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Proven Long Life - over 10 Years

Proven Long Life

Fusion Floor™ features a special glass-epoxy composite layer, as well as durable laminated oak, giving you over 10 years of rugged service.

Weight Savings

Weight Savings

Fusion Floor™ is up to 360 lbs. lighter than traditional hardwood flooring for a 53 ft. trailer, yet is much stronger – providing up to a 35,000 lb. floor system load rating.

Less Maintenance

Less Maintenance

Fusion Floor™ includes state-of-the-art PUR hotmelt gluing technology for reliable performance year after year and over thousands of load cycles.

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Will you be eliminating the threshold plate by using Fusion Floor™?

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Enter the 10-year average future cost of fuel.

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Total Savings Per Trailer Over 10-Year Term


Calculate your ROI based on your numbers.

Because your initial investment may be higher than with traditional laminated flooring, Havco understands your need to take a look at the numbers. The Return on Investment calculator allows you to see for yourself an estimated expected return based on your fleet’s specific needs and current use.

We understand that there may be some differences from fleet to fleet, but Havco is so confident that our stronger, longer-lasting Fusion Floor™ will save you money and provide a better return that we want you to see the results for yourself.